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Traded My Heels for Hiking Boots

I wish I could say I looked this bubbly and refreshed at the end of the backpacking trip--but after a rain storm, snow storm and spraining my wrist on the hike up (5700 feet!)--I looked pretty haggard. This was my first ever 4-day backpacking trip up to Campbell Lake. I went to spend time with my family and make memories--and boy did we ever. The hike up, my son-in-law sprained his ankle, I sprained my wrist and one of our fellow hikers got separated and, fortunately, yelled loud enough for us to hear and find her. As we climbed the very steep, rough terrain, crossed wide streams on VERY slippery logs--I had decided this would be my first--and last--backpacking excursion. Then we got to Campbell Lake (you can only get to it by foot or horse) and it took my breath away! We set up camp and enjoyed the beautiful, snow-filled views. We were completely technology free; it was an amazing weekend and wonderful memories were made. Of course, the hike down was much easier and I decided I will go again.

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